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How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding? | Print |  E-mail

Marriage can be the most pivotal moment in a persons life. Once it is done, it can't be undone. It is a moment that should be remembered fondly throughout our lives. When we think about our wedding, several memories may flash in our mind such as the dress we wore, the wedding hall, dinner, etc. These all are memories that may fade overtime. There is one thing though that captures all the wedding memories in black & white – “The Wedding Album”. Many are picky about their wedding album, and the photographer who is the creator of it. So here I have made note of a few important things to help choose the right photographer for your wedding.

You may be asking yourself "How DO I choose the right wedding photographer?" For some it might be a simple task, as you may get many recommendations from your friends or relatives about their photographer. However, for many, when you really get in to trying to finalize the decision, it turns out to be a difficult task. Yet the results are worth the effort when you see the outcome of it.

Below are some key factors that are to be considered, when you are about to choose the right photographer:

Cost Factor:

Decide on your budget and go for the hunt. Money decides everything and we have to accept that with the current world economy. Don't go wedding poor because you "need" a particular photographer. There are fantastic people out there that will do it for much less. Stay within or around your budget.


First try to get some good photographers by contacting them via your friends, relatives, internet, etc. Get a few samples from them, and then filter the ones who suit you the best with your requirements and price range. Most legit, high quality photographers will have a good website with many examples available there.

One on One Meeting:

Always set an appointment and try to meet up with the photographer. Sales pitches over the phone or email can be deceptive at times, trust the saying “Seeing is Believing”. Try to be aware of their background and years of experience in this field. If you don't feel comfortable with them, don't choose them. Remember, they're not just taking pictures. They will be there on your special day, for the WHOLE day, and you have to trust that they will mingle will with your guests and relatives. You don't want people remembering your special day with comments like, "yeah, it was a beautiful wedding, except for the pushy photographer that swore at Aunt Mildred."

Gauge His Expertise:

Along with the number of years he has been doing weddings, know how many actual weddings he has photographed. Years can mean nothing if he's never gotten any work. This will give you a better idea of how experienced the photographer is. A trustworthy, professional photographer will have Testimonials for you to review too.

A Few Mandatory Questions:

• Will you be the main photographer on the day?
• How many photographers will there be?
• What type of camera do you use?
• Do you give us a CD with images on?
• How much it cost for reprints?
• Do you provide books for the parents and the bride and groom.
• Do you provide any additional services such as video-capture?


“Work speaks more than words”, so before you pay your deposit, have a glance at his previous works. Request a list of client testimonials, some photographers include this information directly on their websites.

Worst Case Scenario:

Talk to him about his backup, if suppose he is unable to come, who would be his backup and try to have his or her contact details as well. This is a very important point that you get these backup details. No matter how professional that they may be, they are just human, and things happen sometimes that our out of their control.

Book Him:

Clearly convey the date and timing of the wedding and advise him to be an hour early on the wedding day. Ensure he does not have any other commitment on that day and he clearly records it in his calendar. Finally, make sure the photographer you want is the photographer you will get at your wedding. Some people may do a bait and switch. The contract is in place to remind both you and the photographer of the services you agreed upon.


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