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5 Little Tips That Are *Guaranteed* To Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Favors That Fit Your Budget! | Print |  E-mail
Finding the perfect wedding favors for your wedding, and within your budget is possible - but a little planning before you start can be an enormous help. We've put together a list of things to consider when you are looking for the wedding favors that fit you best.


1 – DO decide on a theme. There are millions of ideas out there, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Deciding on a color, type, or theme before getting too far into your search can greatly help the “but those look nice too” syndrome that many brides are known for. Stay on target!

2 – DON’T Shop at dollar stores! These places will often gouge you on price, or not deal in the type of quantities you will require. Thrifty stores tend to also have a reputation of mismatching crucial colors, late orders, or worse yet, the wrong items entirely! (Plus, they will often look cheap)

3 – DON’T Shop at wedding stores! These places will overcharge, and mark up seemingly innocuously priced items via sneaky add-ons, “reservation prices” or refuse bulk discounts. Unless you have an unlimited budget, and a wedding planner, these should be your last resort.

4 – DO Use the Internet. There are many sites out there that are easy to search through, can be filtered by colors, type, and budget. While some will specialize in variety, others will specialize in finding you the best price. Regardless of your choice of site, they will save you countless hours of plodding through catalogue after catalogue of uninteresting, over-expensive wedding catalogues, or trudging through the crowded isles of never-ending dollar stores.

5 – DON’T settle for the first “close enough” favor you stumble upon. While there is something to be said for decisiveness, a good website will allow you to bookmark or email yourself a reminder link, while providing useful, similar item options to ensure you get the right wedding favor for you.


Author – Ono Northey


Edible Wedding Favor Ideas To Make Your Day Perfect

If you have any special requests for your wedding favors, such as a sprinkle color that is not offered for your cookie to match your wedding colors, just email us.  If it's possible for us to do, we will!

A few quick facts about Fortune Wedding Favors Wedding Cookies

Our edible wedding favors use the finest Belgian chocolate - the same that Godiva uses!
Our Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors stay fresh for up to 6 - 9 months. Check the Cookie FAQ section for more info on shelf life and storage of your wedding cookies.
Our Photo Cookies use a special secret recipe so your cookies have no bitter picture cookie after taste.
We ship our cookie wedding favors from the United States, to anywhere in the United States. California? Florida? New York? No Problem!


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Wedding Favors
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Our top 3 highest rated Wedding Favors

The most popular request we get from our brides to be is to help them narrow down their wedding favor selection into some of our best sellers with the most positive reviews & testimonials.

#1 Classic Chocolate Dipped Oreos, individually wrapped

What can we say? They’re delicious crowd pleasers. Brides love that they’re inexpensive but look totally exotic, and they have the option of a custom colored satin bow in addition to the the custom wrapping.

“The cookies were so delicious! So many people complimented these! Thank you again for getting them here so quickly!!!”
– Pam Morgan, Richmond BC

#2 Picture Cookie Favor Boxes

Having a loving photo on an edible favor inside a beautiful box has the best of all worlds. Some might keep it, some might eat it, but in all cases the guests are happy. Two custom colors for sprinkles, plus a custom ribbon color makes this a very customizable wedding favor.

“OMG! So pretty!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am so happy!!! Thankyouthankyou for being so awesome!”
– Emily Wu, Seattle, Washington

#3 Bride & Groom Fortune Cookies

Our personal favorite, these classy cookies look like miniature bride and grooms, with a delicious fortune cookie crunch on the inside. The fortunes have the option of being custom, which has led to all sorts of great stories from some of our more creative brides. If you want a loving memory and a great story to tell, these cookies can definitely help!

“Everyone loved the favors, thank you again! Also, thanks for your article on creative fortune ideas, the theatre sports went over really well with our friends and family. All the best!”
– Kendra Lafleur

Our cookies are baked
fresh daily in the USA

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